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MCR Rules

It’s a state-wide cooking competition for amateur cooks. The contest includes three categories for cooks to display their culinary skill. The general category (Individual) and Team category (team of 2) is open to men, women and children with a passion for cooking. The junior category is open to children aged up to 18 Years. The participants are invited to win the hearts of judges with their pre-cooked specialty dish at the preliminary round. Fifteen finalists from each of the three categories will then be put to the ultimate test of cooking live on September 12th, 2019. The creator of the most original and creative dish, that succeeds in impressing the celebrity judges, will win the coveted title of Master Chef Rajasthan 2019.


THEME OF MCR 2019: - This is time to give back to our culinary heritage. For MCR 2019 competition theme will be forgotten or lost recipes for Rajasthan.


ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: You are only able to apply if you meet the following eligibility criteria:


·         If you have the legal right to live and work in India.

·         You do not have any professional catering qualification acquired in the last 10 years

·         You  have never worked full time as a chef or run a food or catering business

·         your source of income has never come from preparing and cooking fresh food in a professional environment (e.g. hotel, restaurant, café)

·         Confirm that neither you nor members of your household or immediate family currently work for Master Chef Rajasthan/ Reliable media Inc.





For Registration kindly visit our web site  Deadline for registrations will be till 2nd day of the auditions at your respective city. Registration should be completed by submitting enclosed form on MCR website or can be register you on audition day as walk-in.



Each participant will receive a certificate of participation. 1st, 2nd and 3rd placement winners (all three categories) will be awarded at each competition and receive award certificates, medals/trophies and prizes as specified in the rules of each competition category. The title “MASTER CHEF RAJASTHAN 2019” will be given for all three categories to 1st position holders.




Live Cooking Kitchens The following equipment will be available for each participant in the live cooking kitchen:

·         Work tables with under counter shelves

·         Refrigerator

·         4 plate electrical stove

·         1 Blender

·         1 Kitchen Aid mixer

·         1 Sink with Hot· & Cold water 

·         Electrical ovens  

The participants must bring all needed small equipment and kitchen utensils (such as cutting boards, knives, pots, pans, bowls, plates), as well as any other materials needed to cook and serve.

Extra points will be added or deducted depending on your clean and neat working habit. It is imperative that you return your working area in spotless condition.  



1st Round All competitor will bring pre-cooked dish along with the written recipe (it can be veg. or non veg.) from their homes. If competitor’s dish will represent rajasthani culinary heritage then it will get more privilege and more chance to get select for next round.

 Judging criteria fir round 1st: - presentation (10 marks), knowledge about dish (10 marks), palatability (20), recipe writing (10)    (Total 50 marks)

Number of selections: - 15 participants will be selected in each category for next round.


2nd Round: - All competitors will be provided by a common recipe (category wise). The entire competitor will bring all the raw material for the same and cook in given time. Competitors will cook one dish along with one accompaniment (side dish). Accompaniment can be as per their choice.  This will be a live cooking round.

Judging criteria fir round 2nd: - presentation (10 marks), knowledge about dish (10 marks), palatability (20), Cleanliness (10),  (Total 50 marks)

Number of selections: - 10 participants will be selected in each category for next round.


Semi finals: - All competitors receive a mystery basket with ingredients and have 90 minutes to prepare a main course dish by using some of ALL ingredients provided in the mystery basket.  They will be free for using all the ingredients which will be available in common pool.


Judging criteria: - palatability (20), Cleanliness (10), uses of basket (10) presentation (10) (Total 50 marks)

Number of selections: - 05 participants will be selected in each category for next round.


Finale: - All the finalist will be provided by the common pool ingredients list one day prior and will be allowed to bring their ingredients too. The entire competitors have to prepare a three course menu along with two accompaniments in 3 hrs.  Competitors will also be allowed to bring the things for theme presentation.

Judging criteria fir round 1st: - palatability (10), Cleanliness (10), menu planning (10) theme presentation (10) recipe writing (10) (Total 50 marks)


First round of competition will held at six cities (name)  of rajasthan. And 2nd round, semi finals and finals will be held at jaipur venue.